My Journey to Being a Maternity Concierge

November 7, 2017


A year ago, I was standing in line at our local pharmacy waiting to buy some cough medicine for my sick little girl. She was tired, coughing, and crying!! Not a cute little cry either, an all out very LOUD ampliphied cry! She was a hot mess, in fact, we both were.


As we were trying to get through the line to pay, trying to get out of there as quickly as we could. I noticed the woman in front of me.

She was obviously a woman in business; wearing a beautiful pencil skirt suit and gorgeous high heels. On the outside, she looked like she had it all together.


NOT like me that day. I was a mess; hair in a messy bun, yoga pants, tennis shoes and holding my sick, crying child.


But, it was what was in her hands that really caught my attention. She was nervously holding a pregnancy test. Only a pregnancy test. And, as she looked back at me and my screaming toddler in line; I felt like I needed to tell her, "it's not always like this." I don't always have days like this. But, when I do, I need HELP!!!


We all need help sometimes. We need a "someone", a friend to come along side of us, to help plan out life's next big adventure. I'm sure my fellow shopper was nervous and had so many questions running through her head at that very moment. Wondering if she was pregnant, could she handle the days that were in front of her? Would she know how to care for a baby? Would she have time to shop around for baby items or design her nursery? How would she have time to hire a nanny? 


Yes!!! She could handle the days in front of her, if she had a concierge, a person in her life to help get everything ready and prepared. So she could be the best mommy she could be. 


Butterfly Baby Concierge has been a dream of mine for 7 years.  I started watching Rosie Pope on Bravo; helping new mommies and daddies prepare for the arrival of their little ones around New York City. She is the pioneer for all maternity concierges. She would educate them on infant care, prep their nursery, customize their baby registry and hire their nanny! She did it ALL and she did it very well! She was that "person" to so many overwhelmed parents all around New York and beyond. I told my husband back then, "that's what I want to be when I grow up, I want to be a maternity concierge!" For 7 years; I researched, planned, and thought about everything I wanted my business to be. I knew I had the education (my degree is in Early Childhood Education with a specialization in birth to 5 years old), the experience, and the skills to help parents prepare for their babies and more, just like Rosie Pope did! 


The time came for my 4 daughters to all be in school. I was going to have time to launch my dream business. I had spent several years at home with them, where I had gained so much mommy knowledge and expertise. I was ready to help more parents be successful in their parenting journey. 


Having fulfilled my dream of launching Butterfly Baby Concierge, LLC (, it is now my mission to personally and expertly prepare parents for the arrival of their baby. 


One of the many services I offer is nanny locating and hiring. This service is very near and dear to my heart, as I was a nanny for almost 5 years with the same family. I know how to seek out great nannies and properly align expectations to ensure a successful match.  It is my passion to stop the heavy turn-over of nannies and hire nannies for my clients who will be apart of their family for the long term. A nanny is an extension of your family and should be a trustworthy, loving individual. I take the time to get to know my clients and everything they are looking for in a nanny. I take into consideration; time and pay, as well as, personality, expertise, trainings, certifications and knowledge base when I am interviewing and hand-selecting the nannies I choose for my clients. I also get to know the nanny well. I know everything they are looking for in their position. That way, there are NO surprises or unmet expectations. 



It is my hope and prayer through Butterfly Baby Concierge to reach parents and let them know they should never feel alone in their parenting journey.  When your pregnancy test comes back positive; rejoice and then give me a call.  Together, we'll get your parenting career launched in the right direction!


"Never feel alone in your parenting journey."





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